Start Selling Online

Start Selling OnlineThinking about starting an online business? With hard work and persistence you could be rewarded with a good income, and a job that’s so much fun it feels like a hobby.

It’s almost always a good idea to keep your day job while you start your own company. There’s a lot to learn, and a great many things I wish I’d known before I began. A good place to begin is with my article on keys to starting an online business.

My Story

Five years ago my wife and I were deeply in debt after paying for the kids’ college. I had just turned 50 and suspected that I was about to lose my job. Worried that we might not be able to keep paying our bills, I followed the example of a younger buddy who had started an eCommerce website.

I came up with a product idea, started assembling the items in a room over our garage on nights and weekends, and began selling online. Then soon after opening the online store, I got laid off from my day job.

Today I have a different day job but I still manage the web store in my spare time. I no longer assemble or ship the products myself, nor do I handle the customer service calls; I’ve got a team of talented people for that. My moonlight business now brings in more income than the best paying day job I’ve ever had. Best of all, I’m no longer so afraid of getting laid off.

So here’s some advice if you’re looking to start an online business. Click one of these links to start reading:

Keys to Starting an Online BusinessKeys to Starting an Online Business

Learn by Helping OthersLearn by Helping Others

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Get the Right Company NameGet the Right Company Name

Register Online FirstRegister Online First

Set Up Your WebsiteSet Up Your Website

Focus on Customer ServiceFocus on Customer Service

Moonlighting TipsMoonlighting Tips

Grow Your BusinessGrow Your Business

Manage Your MoneyManage Your Money


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