About Us

About Moonlight CEOA few years ago, when I first decided to start an online business, I was lucky to have some experienced friends who gave great advice about a lot of different aspects of running a businesses.

But there was a lot that I had to learn the hard way. And in hindsight many of those choices now seem a lot more obvious.

Early on I found out that a lot of information published online was inaccurate, incomplete, or utterly biased by profit. I spent a great deal of time evaluating products and services for my new business that were recommended online, only to find that most were a waste of time.

The goal of this blog is to help you make better decisions as you think about starting a moonlight career, and to let you know about some of the pitfalls so you’ll have better odds of success.

Not all of our advice is perfect or unbiased, but it’s all independent, and I promise that nobody has paid us anything to write these articles.

If you have questions or a story idea, please leave a comment after one of our stories or visit the Discussion Forum.

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